Mohbad, The Social Mob, And The Amplified Dangers Of Bullying

Bullying is far from new; it’s as ancient as the first shove in the playground. But the case of Mohbad, a tragically gone-too-soon Nigerian artist, has shown us that bullying has graduated from the proverbial schoolyard to something far darker and far more dangerous.

The Mohbad Saga: A Quick Recap

In case you’ve been living under a proverbial rock, Mohbad met his demise in a shroud of unsettling mystery. Rumours of an ear infection, dodgy medical procedures, and subsequent death have lit up social media. But here’s the kicker: videos surfaced of Mohbad being pushed around by one Sammy Larry, an associate of Marlian Records’ bigwig, Naira Marley. In his own words, if he died, Marlian Records should be held responsible. Now, isn’t that a sinister thought?

The Social Mob: Justice Warriors or Just Warriors?

Enter the social media mob. With hashtags blazing, they’re demanding justice for Mohbad while pointing digital pitchforks at anyone even remotely associated with the musician’s last days. And while their hearts might be in the right place – after all, who doesn’t want justice? The problem is, they’re fighting fire with fire.

Bullying 2.0: When Justice is the Mask

The cyber-mob has escalated what was already a perilous bullying problem into a full-blown crisis. Remember, Mohbad was already on the receiving end of alleged bullying from someone in his professional circle. When the social media brigade takes over, fueled by speculation and scant information, they’re amplifying the bullying. Only now, it’s under the righteous banner of seeking “justice.”

Here’s the issue: demanding justice for Mohbad by virtually assaulting others isn’t justice. It’s bullying in sheep’s clothing. Worse yet, the social media frenzy becomes a petri dish for rumour-mongering, deflecting from the actual issue at hand—understanding what led to Mohbad’s tragic end.

The Mind Game: When Bullies Strike

Let’s not forget the mental toll of bullying, which is often glossed over in the clamour for justice. The scars are internal and enduring, creating a world where the bullied are forever walking on eggshells. They become socially anxious and depressed and, in extreme cases, can end up like Mohbad – another name on a long list of lives cut short under questionable circumstances.

The Bottom Line

Shouldn’t we be wary of becoming bullies in our quest for justice? Justice, when served, should be a dish prepared with care, detail, and unimpeachable facts – not one cooked up in the microwave of social media outrage.

The true tragedy in all of this? Mohbad, the victim of bullying, has now become the poster child for an even greater malaise – where the social mob, armed with good intentions, becomes the very monster it aimed to slay.

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