Dear Olasunkanmi,

Photo Credit: The Cavalier Daily

When I first met tears, I thought God created them to wash out pain

When I was three and fire burned my finger till it lost its feeling, I thought that was pain.

But then I met you, cold, dead, unmoving, and I discovered that tears do not at all wash out pain and pain is really loss.

The loss of you and everything you represent

The loss of you and the smiles you shared with the world

The loss of the goodness you doled out like lollipop

The loss of choice, to feel or not to feel

The loss of choice, to grieve or not to grieve

The loss of my joy

Olasunkanmi, I hope this meets you well

I hope you do not miss eating spaghetti in ata rodo sauce, your favourite

Olasunkanmi, I saw a movie last night on Africa Magic and there was a ghost who had a buffet in heaven because his family prayed and fasted for him

So, I have started praying for you

I will fast everyday so you can get a buffet everyday

A buffet with big, ripe, almost-rotten bananas with groundnuts that you can snack on while watching me from above.

Yours in life,


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