I Hope You Can Hear Me

I hope you can hear me as I tell you this

Even if your suffering is taking too long

And you feel like you're drowning in your struggles

Try to hang in there and be strong.


I hope you can hear me as I speak

I might not know what you’re going through

Or what is making you weak

But what I do know is it won’t ruin you.


I hope you can hear me as I plead

Even if the noise in your head is deafening

And your heart feels as heavy as lead

Always remember every cloud has a silver lining


I hope you can hear me as I beseech you

Please let your choices reflect your hopes

Because hope never abandons you

And there is light despite all the darkness.


I hope you can hear me even if you are weary

Because although I may not know you

And I may not know your story

I know it’s not yet through.


I hope you can hear me when I say

You can use a semicolon when you feel you can no longer cope

But until you become old and grey

Never attempt to use a full stop.


Remember the butterfly thought it’s story was over

Then it became a butterfly.


Adepoju Abiola

Abiola Adepoju is a 21-year-old graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University. She is a budding journalist who works as a reporter for Daily Trust Newspaper. Abiola is also an aspiring published author who is working on her first book. She believes in using the pen and her writings to express herself and motivate.

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