I Am Life

I will make myself like a green leaf,

That dances to the tune of the breeze at dusk,

After it shot moment with the sun all day,

Still green and evergreen.

I would leave the path of my past

I will never walk through them again

I am a new born soul!


I was broken

“Courage” picked up my pieces

And made mean embodiment of hope

Passing over this pain, I gain.

I was told,

Never to wet the pillows with my tears every night

But to save the drops for the great day,

That will make me an history in a glimpse of moment.

I left my grief in awe

My depression was outside the fence of my life

Peeping through a knothole,

They all died in my felicity.

I fought like a knight at night

On the verge of tears and fear

That moment, “suicide” committed suicide

This is the death of my plight.


Stephen Aluko

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