How Can I Explain?

How can I explain?

Who do I tell my pain

When the earth under my feet trembles

When the vein in my wrist stifles


How can I explain?

With whom do I share my story

When tears flow down my cheeks

And leave their trail down my face


How can I explain?

Where do I lay my heart?

When life’s weight is suddenly more than a ton

And shakes off my balance


How can I explain?

Where do I scream those words?

Words that left me choked up

And made my lips sealed


How can I explain?

What do I say?

If asked if all is well

And well with all


How can I explain?

What front do I put up?

When smiles become a luxury

And friends a rare commodity


How can I explain?

Why do bitter shadows lurk behind

When light moves on

With a visibly clear path


How can I explain?

Why do memories keep track

Of moments that swallow up in a gulp

All of life’s sweet drops


How can I explain?

No, I can’t explain

I should just blink

While my thoughts sink

Into the hollows of my heart

Wearing bitterness as a sash!


Anni Benson Harnie_Bee

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