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Every Night I Have The Same Dream

I am falling in a hole

I keep falling

With the end beckoning

My Alarm saves me each time by 8am.


Today, I see Alisha at school again,

I think she smiled at me, I don’t know.

Alisha has been my neighbor for four years now

Alisha never says more than two lines to me.


I am that Song you skipped and realized it was fire

I am that ghost walking amongst humans

I am that piece of art, broken, meaningless

I am that unfinished work that could turn out great

I don’t know what I am

I just want this to stop.


Last night I turned off the Alarm

I wanted to reach the end of the hole

I got dressed in my best to bed

I told my single mother I love her.

I tell her because I don't know if I'll ever get the chance to

I sleep


I am falling.


It feels different this time

It feels final

I can see the end

I smile, as I stretch out my arms to embrace this utter silence.


I hear my name.

I keep my eyes closed..almost there..almost there..

Jer 29:11

I remember the preacher, The one from the mid-week services Mama use to force me to attend.

My mind’s eye sees him now.

He’s talking to me, Asking me to say what the verse says

I know what the verse says.

I say it. I say “For I know the thoughts I have of you, thoughts of good and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope”

I feel something…Light

I leave the Hole

I wake up this morning to my alarm I made sure I put off yesterday.

And for the first time, I look forward to mid-week service tomorrow.

I might even talk to Alisha,

I will let you know.



Faith Nwani

Faith Nwani is a 300level Law student of OAU Making the world a better place one person at a time

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