Tick ! Tick ! Tick !

My self time oozes out

It is yet another day of bustle

The hours pile up like babel reaching for its tower

Another 24 of war

Where too many in their twenties fall

Sometimes I wish I could sleep like normal people

Letting my chest and fall with big loud “hmmmm” of snores

Without thinking of this eternal war in this ephemeral world

Some other times, I savour the loud solitude of the night

Except for the undeding chirpings outside my window panes

My doctor calls it “insomnia” but by God that word is complex!

The word comes ready made like the name of one of those drugs pharmacists pride in

I can even almost hear doc say to me :

“one tablet of insomnia per day will keep you for at least 6months”

I like the way he says it in my head like he doesn’t mean to but still must say it

I guess it is part of an aoth he swore to earn himself “doctor of psychology”

He still remains a shrink though – just in my head

Otherwise he is just like me, a bag of meat and bones striving to be free in a liberal world

Running away from pills like insomnia yet making that circle that boom!

Leads right back to it again.


Ifeanyichukwu-Igbo Awele Onwuatuelo

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