Abyss Of Silence


A bottomless pit beyond

A deep chasm beneath our reach

It rages the soul of Man


She was raped, abused

and molested

He threatened with death

if she spill his name.

Questioned by the judge,

Again and again

*She denied in his favor

His soul beaming with devil’s smile in the Query box

She lost her pride, he lost his dignity*

The stigma taunted her till the very end

She became alone yet

in the midst of many.


He was a fine dark bloke.

Shooting shots everywhere

Fathering scores of children, not claiming paternity for any.

Life they say is ephemeral

At 60, he was down with cancer

With no one to call Family.

He became a grumpy old man at 70

His regrets and solitude became his true companions.

He didn’t speak and seek for help

He drowned in his grief and sadness everyday

He was found dead with a green rope dangling from the ceiling to his neck.


She turned 37 on a last Thursday of harmattan filled December

Rich, suave, beautiful but single

Her fears raging like wild December fire

Family scorned her

Society pitied her

She wanted to desperately walk down the aisle

She settled for the next available suitor, with 2 kids in less than 3 years.

Broken face, swollen gums and blistered skin were all home injuries, she told her friend.

She couldn’t bear the single mum title

She lived with a monster for 16 years

She died 2:25pm on a cold Wednesday afternoon

She was buried amidst tears, He brought another woman to her graveyard as he paid his last respects

She lost to death, leaving her children at the mercy of a strange woman.


Abyss of Silence, tumbles like a whirlwind

Our hopes unfulfilled, dreams unachieved.

If we refuse to speak up for what we truly want

We must let our voices soar unless the stigma would tame us till we go 6ft beyond.



Adeyinka Zaynab

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