There’s a desert everyone carries like breath in his heart,

It’s neither arid nor drab, it’s just too quiet and close to a grave.

A dove perches on your left shoulder

and asks you to try the game of holding your breath for x mins,

You remember the colour of shadows on every trial –

It’s better to listen to doves than see how ghosts grate

so you play the game anyway.


Sometimes the game come like fingers, folding your manifold of memories into clothes in blue boxes,

And a handful of them have faces of fear and despair.

The moment your eyes crisscrosses the dove’s, your breath becomes a flash of light,

Too fast to roll with the jumbo night,

Your lips curve into the shape of Yikes

and that’s how you know that deserts are dreary.


– But also, in every beat a heart holds, a song unfolds a scroll whose last words are;

One good turn deserves a stretched span of breath,

And life’s a cumshaw that comes with choice.

So choose life and stop playing games.


Osunwoke Chimezie Bright

Bright Chimezie Osunwoke with stage name: BWriteword is from Njaba LGA in Imo State, Nigeria.

A graduate of UNN, with a BS.c in Business Management.

He’s an entrepreneur; a blogger, spoken word artiste and a network marketer.

He’s a page and stage poet, a slamĀ  champion – PIN 2018 maiden Slam winner. He sees poetry as breath, he cannot do without, thus, uses it as a means to express himself, correct societal and moral errors, inspire, as well as entertain.

He’s currently based in Lagos and belongs to some writers’ group both online & offline such as: FOS, PIN, Raregistars, SPIC, and TWC

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