Untold Reality

Beneath that beautiful smile,

Underneath that uniqueness,

Beyond that which is real,

So many untold stories,

Pain, anguish, fear, hatred, regret,

The realities of the dreadful past,

That decides lifes’ tide turn,

Becoming illusions in the memory,

Suppressed but never forgotten,

Locked away in that safe box,

Keys existing in that which is unknown,

The sight only see people as they are,

But so many events have happened,

Events not revealed and not known,

Manifesting itself in the entirety of its victims,

That’ll trap you in a world of wonder,

Fill your shore with sands of curiousity,

And your sky with the clouds of imbalance,

That there is so much more beyond,

Underneath that distinctiveness,

Beneath that inexplicability,

An untold reality.


Badejo Oladeji Richard

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