The World Is Too Much With Us

The Social Media Doctors say boredom is a

garden of unholy ghosts & the path to journey


Into the Suicide Island. Yet, one extrovert soaks

boredom with a gourd of snipers.


Nurses say depression does not have a home

in Lagos – the nucleus of struggles –


But some bullets pass through the head, the say way

firework flies to the sky. Everybody


Is a judge – pastor, imam, sane and mad –

trading between life and death


& countless causalities. Like gushing water sourcing for

its root, Today

searches for name until she finds one written on the forehead

of Akeem’s graveyard – Depression Day


Today is



Akeem once told me: life is made up of two-side of a coin:

good and bad, happy and sad, life and death.


I know we lay our bed to filter memories. With itching memories,

here I am, a baptist – seeking a new sea of divine.


Nureni Ibrahim

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