The Girl That Never Left

Far in the mountain side

Deep in the ocean’s tide

The battle inside wouldn’t let me slide

Took my wings as i try to fly

Shut my voice and i also couldn’t cry

The look on the outside smiles “I’M FINE”

But the inside screams a silent loud cry

Far in the mountain side are lives that blossoms

Into beauties of lilies and roses

Deep in the ocean’s tide all kinds of beauties are of wonders

The little things that makes the world matter

Day and night, night and day

I look closely and i want to stay

I chose to stay and i watched it all fade away

In the pain of thorns and shards of mirrors

I see myself a girl that chose to live

I chose to matter and feel what matters

I chose to live and i won the battle

I am the girl that was given two choices

To end it all or Let it fall

I am that girl who never left.


Moshood Zainab

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