Stay Alive


A happy face with a crying heart

You left your feelings

On a piece of paper

A happy face with a crying heart

Thinking of all options of suicide

A happy face with a crying heart

Lost hope in living, Not scared to die

A happy face with a crying heart

Heart, almost melted with hot tears

To whom it may concern

Yes, life is a terrible place to be

But it’s not worth leaving unjustly


Since you can’t protect yourself

From the pain of growing up

Why not try to make it a little less awful

By learning how to handle dissapointments

How to deal with breakdowns

It’s all about resilience

Do not let life break you

Let it make you stronger

See courage in your weakness

Take yourself out of conflict

And put yourself in the mode of confidence

Giving up on life is inhumane

Being human is the ability

To see advantages in all disadvantages

When life hits you hard, Breath in and out

Fight it…Yes, it’s hard, it takes time

Find a purpose in life

Everything is all going to fine

It’s all about time


Jiddah Sammiat

My name is Jiddah Sammiat. I am a graduate of Kwara State University from the department of Mass communication. I have a flair for writing and I receive lot of prayers from my readers

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