Response To Adaeze’s Suicide Note

You left me a suicide note, now I must reply

Let me start by saying you didn’t have to die

If I’m opportune to see you again, I’ll ask you ‘why’

Why you had to leave without a goodbye


You said you wanted to end the pain

You said you wanted to remove the stain

You let all your life struggles go in vain

Now tell me, what have you gained?


You kept saying you are sorry

But I must say I’m not happy the way you ended your story

You promised to make history

But you died like a fruitless tree


You said you didn’t mean it

If only you waited one more minute

I’m saddened you didn’t think of tomorrow just one bit

Before you called it quit


All the promises I believed

All the love I received

Never knew I was deceived

You left and now I’m bereaved


You committed suicide

Forgetting those who stood by your side

Forgetting that I was there during the storm and the tide

I felt like a fool when I heard you died


You went too far, I must confess to you

I wish you could call to tell me it’s not true

I understand all you went through

This is why I’m writing this note to you


If you were going through hell, why didn’t you keep going?

If the world flipped you upside down, why didn’t you walk on the ceiling?

I was told the best angle to solve a problem is the try-angle

I wonder if you ever tried breaking free when you got entangled.


Seun Ogundolapo

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