I’m Sick Too


I may not wander on the street

I may not wear tattered clothes

I may not keep dishevelled hair

I may not utter jargons of no meaning

I may not look mentally ill


What if;

I hide my screams under a charming smile

My heart is battered under my glowing skin

My skin cries for cure with all manners of bruises

My mind is of plots and schemes to go the world beyond

My sleek shoes have scorpions stinging my toes


Just what if…

I’ve given up on everything

And I’m only a walking corpse

With neither soul nor spirit

Dead before I die



Would you finally hear my scream

or maybe you would read my note

of the prelude to my death

-and the ghost that haunted my days;

of hope and disappointment

of expectations and betrayal

of love and heartbreak

and most importantly…

of being let down by the world I gave all to…


You would hear my scream,

while my lifeless body hung

to the only solace I found

…that of death.


Sobogun Mariam

Sobogun Mariam is a graduate of University of Ilorin, and currently a corp member. She resides in Lagos and is passionate about writing.

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