How Do We Explain To The World

That whilst they see colors and flowers blooming

All we see are dead flowers


How do we explain what we cannot understand?

How do we explain this dark, sunken feeling of hopelessness

How do we explain how we no longer feel flutters in our bellies and the fullness in our spirit

How do we explain something we cannot understand?


How do I tell my mother that her baby no longer wants to exist and death craves my name?

How do I explain something I do not understand?


They say we may be crazy and that joy comes in the morning

But, but how do I explain I no longer have the patience to wait for joy

And that joy doesn’t seek me

Nor my soul seek joy

We try to believe that life holds more

And that our little wins will somehow provide comfort and peace with

But it’s never enough


Maybe the answer awaits me

Maybe popping the pills is not a good idea

Maybe losing blood from my veins will only make me lose this fight

Just like they say

There is a light at the end of the tunnel

Maybe I am that light and just need to get out of the tunnel

Life awaits me.


Tomi Ibadin

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