Fight Brothers Fight!!!


My fellow brothers of the ink

We inspire and we thoughtfully think

Our writings are inspirations to others

Let’s not become victims of “bother”

We write to inspire

let Not our ink expire


Don’t give in to depression.

Because it’s a cancer that slowly kills

It gives way to anger

With negative thoughts running through your mind.

It Leads to oppression of the mind and soul

It leads to mental imbalance

It leads to self hate, and ultimately leads to suicide


My fellow brothers of the ink

The waters of depression we do not drink

Don’t give in to this skink

Depression can’t make us sink

Don’t let it push us to the brink

Let’s have a rethink.


Our mind is our greatest asset, without it the world is amiss

Pick up your pen and let’s fight against this cancer,

To it’s call do not answer

We have much more to offer.

Get off that lorry of thoughts

Unburden yourself and set yourself free.


We poets have the greatest mind

We can never lose it to depression

Whatever you might be facing you’ll surely overcome because you have the greatest weapon in the world.



Taofeek John Kolapo

My name is Taofeek John Kolapo, a 100 level student of economics in Obafemi awolowo university. I’m currently 20yrs old born on October 30th 1998. I love writing poems especially motivational poems

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