…and Dredd Contemplates


Atlas held the world

My mind holds more

Janus was the lord of crossroads

I transverse more

But where, has this thin thread led,

Lost on an island

Damned by the gods?

Imprisoned by my flesh

Indeed, I was lost

On this island, I know not.

If souls could rust,

Mine lost touch

Alas, the masterpiece

As become, all but rot,

My mind is boiling hot

My lenses, all but pawns

Morality, rock bottom.

Rage, sky rocket.

My wounds, remain un-clot.

I am confused, which direction?

I am drenched in perplexity

The values I hold dear, I fear.

I am stuck with Janus,

At the T-junction.

Should I seek help?

The gods, offer assistance

Atlas is no amateur,

But why…this resistance.

No! inability is not my nature

But this mind, ruminates

Lost to seizure.

Maybe, if I sink, I eliminate

These dancers, camping in my thoughts.

Don’t you dare!

This is not evasive,

I choose to defer

My weapons are frail


My decision, is not at all rare.

Ponder, my lair of cowardice.

We are born into paths

I fear, it all leads to Death.

But, Viva la Vida!!!

My existential angst, I fear,

Is neither wrong nor right

But, should hope cease,

No! Don’t cease…

Hope, that illuminating light.


Ogoru David

Ogoru David a pragmatic open-minded millennial, who loves reading and writing

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