Lines for You


I know you hear these voices in your head

you hear their screams, their words

you see their colors, how sometimes they shine

like stars and now they beckon you, to come

with them, to be with them.


Do you know that I want to be your anchor

in this storm? your umbrella for this rain?

your shoulder for the tears? your pillow

for your head? your companion for when the

weariness sets in.


Let me in, let me be the one to bring the colors

to you, to show you the sunshine, to laugh with

while the wind slaps our back, to define happiness

to you in more than one language.


The demons are real but hold my hand, I’ll show

you the way out.


Author: Edaki Timothy

Edaki Timothy is a Nigerian student. His works have appeared in The Kalahari Review, Praxis Magazine online, EverGreen Poetry Journal and forthcoming on Sub-Saharan Magazine and Agbówó.

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