Life! Life!! Life!!!


What else do you want from me?

The question that led most people into hiccups

Thinking they can never see the better side of life

Sooner, they announce to the world that life is not fair.


Yes! Life is not fair, yet you need to fair play

I know you strive every night and day

Yet, everything looks in vain

Even as I write this in pain

I believe everything is just a phase

And better days ahead of me in the race.


In as much as I did not cross a lane

Looking at others flourish as if they have no pain

No pain No gain is what the emperor claims

No sweat no sweet is what sustains the race

Come what may, never give up on yourself

Because every stage in life is just a phase

and suicide is no way a gain but a stain.


Author: Oyekanmi Taiwo (teebadmus)

Taiwo is an aspiring research analyst with a penchant for numbers and axiomatic solutions. He likes detail, understanding complex information and the pleasurable challenge of problem-solving. Over the years in his career, he has been a researcher, writer, leader whose works are aimed at impact making and value creation.
He currently works at the University of Ilorin as a Quality Assurance Analyst where he accesses process and evaluates execution.

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