Agony Of Femalehood

What exactly is left?

When our pride has been collected

When our natural resources has been nabbed

Why must we hear their voices

What is good about their hurtful silence

Must they protest for you to know they are crying

What exactly does it take away from you for listening

As tears roll on their pitiful cheek

Like a small chick

They are in sorrow

For they need no sorry

But your help

Your concern

Your assistance

Towards their beautiful life

Which has been chosen to be destroyed by you

For so many poets have written about it

Just to sell,collect the money to eat

For so writers have written about it

Just to get famous

Like the cookie Amos

They are being cheated in almost every aspect of life

Job life

Education life

Street life

Event of rape now and then

As trending gist in town

Abduction of the girls

Female circumcision

Suffering from fistula

You don’t even feel their pain

What exactly is your gain

You end up losing

And getting famous

As the worst country ever!


Author: Yusuf Aminat

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