Warrior In Hell

Where do you go when home becomes a battlefield?

How do you escape a war that lives in your bones?

Open yourself to the embrace of the sea

or the kiss of the blade?

There’s a bottle at the bar with your name on it

Maybe, the shortest path to freedom starts there

they say leaving is an art so you carve

one cut at a time, you make your way to nirvana

deeper and deeper you dig,

until you are nothing but a collection of scars

screaming for escape from your own mind

the master said nobody wins a war by quitting

so you turn on them. after all it is your home too

but there’s too much of them and only one of you

and now, they are crowding in on you, fire in their mouths

you poor ugly thing

they are all laughing at you

why did you come here?

you don’t belong here

you don’t belong anywhere

& the fire is closer than ever before.

This is your fight now, always will be,

always has been

will you give up or will you fight for your life, warrior?


Author: Alakitan Aladesuyi


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