To Live Again From The Inside


We walk inside dead bodies, empty and cold.

The periodic smiles are our favourite masks.

Deep down is all gloomy and utterly dark

and our inside, a hunted house

with spider webs on dusty shelves.


We cry out loud but every voice shrinks,

fades with only echoes streaming silence.

No one sees the tears that hide;

dried up by the lidside;

scared to run down molten pathways

of burning skins and shattered wills.


We are burnt to the inside.

Our feelings are ashes, homeless

carried by careleess waves.

So we sit bent sideways, slanted

cuddle close to frozen walls

like it is the place to find some love

to fix what is wrong,

fill what is gone, far away from us.


But death tells us he is God and more

so when time ticks past the hope we seek,

the hanging ropes, the falling blades

the raging waters, the silent bay and the cliff tops

are the order of the day, so here we lay

telling the Reaper “Hey


Those moments when our souls are crushed

and all left are the rubbles and ruins- dancing dust,

the slightest touch of love,

the faintest whisper of “Hello

might just be the lyrics

that give reasons to hold on a while;

to live again from the inside

to give unjust life another chance

and save the walls the burden

of carrying our heavy bodies

-for another day.


Author: Anuoluwa Soneye

Anuoluwa Soneye is a 400Level student of the Department of English, Obafemi Awolowo University. He is a lover of literature and a writer of poetry and short stories.



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