Maybe we overthink things,
Cloud our present thoughts with a lot of negativity.
Making every thought a battle,
Every breath, a war.
Ensuring we don’t have the strength to keep going.
I’ll blame it on our thoughts.
Oyinbo will say “mental health”
We need to train our minds to be positive.
Be focused on the long term.
Not wallowing in that guilt.
Before you know it, it takes over you.
It’s slow, but it’s deadly.
Alakisa n jo loru, kotope ile a mo lola
The man wearing rags is dancing but it will soon be daylight.
I know to you its about ending that pain.
To us, you are ending a life.
A life with a lot to look forward to.
So much to achieve.
Igba o lo bi oriri.
Things will definitely change.
It will certainly pass.
Author: Yemisi Okunowo

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