This Is How She Lost Her Voice

She was 23 when her father slapped her


A child remains a child in her parents’ eyes no matter the age

A child shouldn’t have a mind of her own

A child shouldn’t be opinionated

Just listen and do as told

Parents are always right, darling.


How could a girl say her father is wrong even when he is?

When are fathers ever wrong?

How could a girl own a voice, a voice that doesn’t agree with her dad’s?


How could a girl have opinions?

How could a girl not be a girl?

Silent when she’s yelled at

Silent when she’s accused wrongly

Silent when her opinions are different

Silent when she’s in pain



Silent when she’s 33 and her husband slaps her

Didn’t dad already say I have no right to speak?

That I have no right to own a voice?

That elders are always right?


Author: Azeeza Adeowu

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