The Note (Demise of Tisi)


Part 1

They say it’s okay

Not to be okay

They never say how long

It is to stay not okay

I am not okay

I am losing it

Spend the day holding in so much

With a Crooked smile

At night, I cry it out

With ceaseless meditations

To curb the pain

But it’s no longer working

The few times I confided in peers

They cheered and said

It will be alright

It’s been years

I guess it’s not going to be alright

I have wallowed enough

No one with breath has the answer

They talk and hope their gestures cheers you

But the grim reaper is at will

Lurking to be beckoned upon

Lurking to take everything away

Part 2

My darling Tisi,

Until I get to you

I hope this stalls your death

You are the most cheerful human I know

Your kindheartedness is exclusive

Always ready to serve and be of help

I see the way you make every challenge simple to accomplish

The way your input is never disregarded

I admire how easily you forgive and let go

I hope it’s not too late

I want you to know

That I need you

To always smile at me

I need you to hold on longer

I need you because the next phase is so much better

I would lose my fave human

If you ever leave

I don’t despise death,

I know it’s inevitable

But you can’t take your life at your will

Feeling your presence in another cosmic

Will never suffice

Please stay with me

Please stay alive

Misi loves you.

Part 3

Misi, I will miss you

I wish I could stay

I wish your scribbles could stop me

I wish you’d get here sooner

But it’s time.

I have dwelled too much

In this Hollow alone

Long lost in the trance of nought

I am feigned and drained

There is no saving

All that you admire is lost

I lost the cheers and will

I can no longer keep up the faux

My soul is ripped and ready to exit

It fains to go

Do not mourn

I will be in a better place

Void of the pains and troubles

I will be free

Till we meet again

Goodbye my friend.

Tisi from beyond


Author: Omotoyosi Idris (MOLEYEANN)

I am a psyched and panache freelance writer. I take delight in exploring various aspect of life, environment and
happenings. My writings are mostly creative imagination that resonates with actual events hence making it realistic and relatable. With regards to the Fitila Mental Health Poem Series 2019 and understanding the vision of the organization, I find it interesting that I am able to be part of a beautiful initiative geared at creating Mental Health Awareness with my gift of writing.

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