Talatu’s Death


It never started with Talatu’s death,

This whole thing…

In fact,

It started long before the odour from her stench broke through the key hole

Revealing her rottening body before our mindless selfish eyes

Talatu didn’t just pass through Snipper-ville

On her self sponsored pilgrimage to death

It started little by little

It started that day she told you she had a problem

And that this problem has been troubling her mind

But your sorry, the one you said that day

was so slippery that sympathy just slipped through.

Then she started curling away from you

Away from everybody

You saw it! You really did saw it, but…


Then, she developed that hatred for light

Because somehow

It reveals to her sight the nakedness of her plight

As a substitute, she crawled into the silence of the subtle darkness

Touring through different lands; known and unknown

Lands like: Lonelyland, Tearyland, Depressionland, Rejectionland,

Confusionland, Despondentland

As she beamed with long faces and heavy sighs.

All these happened! Still, you didn’t do a thing

Till she got bored of taking these repetitive trips to known places,

And started dreaming of a land of peace

where problems did not exist….


So here we are at her burial stand, saying our final goodbyes

In droplets of sacarstic tears

Saddled with mock-filled moans

As we put sand

Over sand.


Author: Ibrahim Williams

Ibrahim Williams is a graduate of English language. He is known as ibn_williams on Instagram where he posts some of his poetry and literary works. Other than Instagram, he has been featured and published across various online literary platforms. He currently lives in Lagos where he observes his compulsory National Youth Service.

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