Still Me


I laugh the hardest like the tumbadora

And cry the hardest

Surrounded by millions

Yet all alone

No one understands

I’m always fine

It’s no big deal

Everyone thinks


Snap out of it, they say

They understand Fever;

Neglect Depression

It’s hard to get out of bed

Challenging to face the day

And present oneself to the world

Dear me!


Intoxicated with fear like the owl

Fear of the known and the unknown

Fear of the present, past and future

Anxiety laughs me to scorn

Sadness taunts me in the face

Unimaginable pain tearing through my insides

And bursting my brain ajar

Dear me!


Builded walls, I want alone

Far from people and places

I desire my solitude

You’ve never been me

Don’t judge me

You’ve never walked in my oversized shoes

Not treaded in my path

How can you understand?

Dear me!


Hold my hand

Dear me

Let’s take a walk and tell a story

A story of the unfailing Love Divine


Let’s love me first

Accept that I’m different

And appreciate my unique

Recognize my strength

And give myself a treat

We’ve come this far

With no retreat


Because no matter how the world sees me

I am still me

Full of strength and love!!!


Author: Princess Faith Thomas

Princess Faith Thomas is a Christian literary  and spoken word artist. She has completed her high school and currently is an undergraduate student of Usmanu Danfodiyo university, Sokoto, Nigeria. 

She has always believed to reach the world through writing and present to them the best gift ever “Christ, the Hope of Glory”.

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