Someday, I’d Hope You’d Remember Me

There would be a time that I would go back into the earth.

A moment when creation would be reversed.

There would be an emptiness in the earth,

A hallow in the space where I once stayed.

I would become immune to hunger and thirst

And soon forget how to breathe and walk.

I would only learn how to decay, for that I shall do.

But you’ll never know how I watch you while you sleep,

Or walk you down the road when you’re lonely.

I bet you’d never know the way I looked at you when you danced,

Or the glances that I stole at you when you weren’t looking.

Or the chocolates that I stuffed into your locker whenever you cried.

Or the letters that I wrote to you telling you

How wonderful and beautiful you are when you didn’t feel loved.

I know you didn’t know my name. But someday, I’d hope you’d remember me.


Author: Ihenachor Valerie

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