Save Me From Me

Done yes done,
Why in all this was I born.

Nothing seems right,
Why then should I continue to fight.

My life is like a puzzle,
Arranging takes a lot of hustle.

Maybe its time to rest,
Reduce the burden on my parents chest.

Well, they are apart ,
So shouldn’t bother if I part.

Who cares if I go,
They would cry a little and then let go.

Voices in my head,
Most of those I havenever heard.

Telling me it would only take a while,
“End the cries behind your smile”

I could hear sounds in my thought,
To recognise, my senses fought.

Finally it was that of my phone,
My friend’s song my ring tone.

Happiness is free (ring tone)

Happiness is free(ring tone)
The sound of the pills like continuous clicks as from my hand they fell,
And melted, my head like rain does to snow swells.

My sister’s call just saved me from me,
Then came the thoughts of where I would have been.
Would it be Heaven would it be hell?

This I consider a must tell, the tale of how I almost fell.

Author: Sanusi Damilola Sodiq

Sanusi Damilola Sodiq is a law Student at the Nigerian law school. A lover of sports and poetry.

Sobriquet: grand_sas
This hell is better than that you quest if you end your life.

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