Living Dead

Tonight, I feel tired
Tired of being tired, I am
I would sleep through nights
and yet, I will be without a ounce of might.
Dead men may wake from eternal slumber
but unwilling on that bed I would lay.

Buried deep underneath the voices in my head
The words ‘not good enough’ have their own room and bed.
Pieces of emptiness are stuck on different corners of the wall
and the floor isn’t where it used to be anymore.

Breathing in is a privilege I sometimes give away
My lungs complain of my air intake
Inhaling is a chore, exhaling a bore
Wouldn’t death be a relieve: an unending sleep?

I look wild awake but the tubes in my brain are leaking.
Not a spark, a connection between this brain and the rest
I remind me of a A living zombie
A little different but still the same
Looks alive but completely dead inside
Walking, slowly and slowly with nowhere in mind.

Author: Ebunoluwa Soneye

Ebunoluwa Soneye is a Nigerian and a part 4 student of the department of English Obafemi Awolowo university Ile-ife Nigeria. I have a penchant for writing.

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