Garbled Hope

I’m at this point where it seem like the dark days won’t end

I’m at this edge where the sharp point pierce me non stop

I’m at this spot where the knife of life/living is hurting me, cutting me and drawing from me every ounce of strength to fight

I’m falling apart with no one nothing to hold onto.

Today I laughed hard

Even when the joke wasn’t funny they were just talks hoping you’ll take a look at me

See through my farce

The other day I snapped when I didn’t want you to leave

I want to scream but the voices in head are too loud my mouth won’t bulge

I want to shout but the sound I can’t form

I could leave I know I can but I see life/hope

I know there’s more to life than pain I have dreams

I see a light I know there’s hope beyond the darkness I live

I want that life I choose that life

I’ll go for it!


Author: Hamzat Mariam

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