Each day I remind myself of who I am

Actually…Of who I think I am’

Reality keeps saying otherwise

Revealing my distance from the wise.


Each day, I tell myself that the struggle is over

My fight with insanity is over

Reality hunt me with wide thoughts

Revealing the demons that lives In my thoughts.


Each day, I show the world that I am alright

Blindly accepting the wrong for the right

Reality comes with the consequences of my decision

Revealing the fault in my transmission.


Each day I convince my family that the threats is over

Inflicting pain on myself was unintentional

Reality shows it was all bags of wrong moves

Revealing the help I desperately needs


Today, my actions will speak growth

How I learnt of good decision;

To turn loose the past and leave it there

ReleasingĀ  FreedomĀ  from regretsĀ  and pain!


Author: Peace Chioma Efughi


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