Behind Her Mask…


There is a girl who sit in a corner

Her heart is crying out

But no one seems to hear the agony of her wailing heart

Since no one hears the agony

She hide her hurts, hide her pains

She conceal her tears that fall like rain

Her life is full of loneliness, and scars

Regrets,frustrations,and depression are build like a mansion in her soul

But she hide it all behind her mask

She raise her head above the star

And comes a voice that echo aloud in her ears

This is not the end of your story

This is not the end of your life

You will pass through it

I know it’s hard right now

But you need to hang in there

You will pass through it

Damsel, you are worthy

For you are rare

Fight negative voices that try to invade your mind

Pour out your worries to a listening ears

Don’t be afraid to cry and let others see your tears

You owe the world to be a positive change for others!!!


Author: Bukola Aminah Oyindamola


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