A deathly gloom hung above their heads,

The accused stood above them all, the cold breeze

Chilled him to the soul, like it was clawing at his soul.

With the noose round his neck, the anticipating eyes, the black hooded figure behind

He needed not think twice about his end,

With death waiting beneath him with open arms to claim him.

The king ran his fingers down his neck and clutched his robe.

The resounding thump of his heavy brass staff sent the death signals to the reaper to let the drama unfold. A satisfied smile played on the lips of the accuser.

Silent prayers went up to heaven for the outgoing soul.

The man at Death’s gate silently sent his last prayers to the angels standing by to send to God.

His life flashed before his eyes.

He looked into the crowd and his eyes locked with his lover.

In her depths, she carried a part of him

She carried his love.

Tears formed in his eyes and he smiled at her.

His eyes fell on her stomach

“Take care of us…” he whispered. He closed his eyes and braced himself.


Those were his last words as the reaper pulled the lever.

The gates of death swung open beneath him.

Death grabbed him with a crooked smile.

A loud gasp escaped everyone’s lips as the offender’s neck snapped

Separating him from the living.

The loud sobs of his lover could be heard as his body swung in the breeze

Silently carrying his soul to the underworld.



Author: Ihenachor Valerie



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