A Time Like This


When the weird world wishes to drown our wellness

In a shady smelling swamp of wide deepness.

When wind of life whirls dust of depression

In our land full of echoes of confusion.

When water of winter sends sand of sadness

In this time that ticks minutes of madness.

When our sons sow suffering on a solid soil

In an hour that houses tomorrow’s toil.

When life’s crooks cook a meal of hunger

In our place polluted with utmost anger.


We shall swiftly sail over the deep depth

And stand strong with the Phoenix’s strength.

We shall boldly blow off depression’s dust

Till a peaceful scent fills the earth crust.

We shall gather the people filled with pretence

And tell them we’re born to make a difference.

We shall trap suffering in a hidden cage

And write our victory on a book’s page.

We shall work with our hands to strangle hunger

And remain wealthily healthy forever.


Author: Akinrinade Funminiyi

Akinrinade Funminiyi Isaac with the pseudonym Esv_Keks is a Nigerian writer who has written many published and unpublished works. He’s a graduate of Estate Management department, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. When he’s not reading and writing, he likes driving, teaching, and meeting new people.

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