I’m Overwhelmed And Thinking Of Suicide

Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one’s own death. Ending one’s own life is a tragic event with strong emotional repercussions for survivors and for families of its victims.

Suicidal thoughts and feelings can strike anyone of any age, gender or background. Life events can sometimes leave us feeling overwhelmed, unable to cope and suicidal. At other times, we might not know why we feel suicidal.

Why Do People Attempt Suicide?

Suicide often arises from a deep feeling of hopelessness. The inability to to see solutions to problems or to cope with challenging life circumstances lead people to see suicide as the only option to what is really a temporary situation.

Who can help?

When you’re experiencing suicidal thoughts and feelings it’s really important to seek out help by talking to somebody about it. Often times we think we can cope alone which may only make things worse.

Here’s a potential list of people you can turn to for help and support:

  • Trusted friend or relative
  • Your doctor who will refer you to a professional
  • Human Capital and/or the Employee Wellness desk in your place of work
  • Student Affairs and/or the university counsellor if you are an undergraduate

What else can you do?

Beyond talking to somebody about what’s happening, there are things you can do to help yourself stay safe.

  • Delay your decision – allow time for the thoughts and feelings to pass
  • Develop a safety plan – include things you can do that will help you stay safe
  • Express yourself – write, draw, dance or talk about your feelings and thoughts
  • Find comfort in music, art, movies, books or things that you enjoy
  • Spend time in nature or go for a short walk
  • Spend time with loved ones or pets
  • Think about another time where you felt a similar way – what did you do to cope? Can you try that again?
  • Distract yourself from the thoughts by watching a series on Netflix, TV show, playing video game or doing some chores
  • Know your triggers – notice how the suicidal thoughts or feelings begin so you can act before they take hold
  • Try relaxing with a bath or a meditation
  • Don’t give up before you try – persist even if you think it won’t help


2 thoughts on “I’m Overwhelmed And Thinking Of Suicide

  1. I am overwhelmed with depression now caused by huge financial debts due to loss and also people owing me too. And nothing more than to take my life is always on my mind. My creditors are so aggressive on me that all my appeal fell on deaf ears. I don’t have anyone to bail me out.

    1. Dear Dominic – we empathise with you and can understand how difficult things are. Please note the under listed to ensure you ride the tide through this difficult phase:

      1. Suicide does not solve problems it only creates worse problems for those you care about.

      2. Depression does get better no matter how bad things may seem.

      3. There is easy to access (non-judgmental) help out there. Just ask for it.

      4. Getting out of debt isn’t easy — but it is possible, even if you have no money, no assets, and no idea how to start.

      5. The solution to your problem is to know how much and have a plan for paying off your debt.

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