How To Become Smart, Successful and Mentally Strong!

Mentally strong people are the smartest, most successful and some of the most brilliant people in the world. Anyone can learn to be mentally strong and change the world as a result by learning the under listed principles highlighted by James Altucher, author, entrepreneur, podcaster and wall street investor.


All mentally strong people have incredibly strong relationships. Build strong relationships with those that can support your ideas, add to them, help you execute them, and not those constantly fighting you or dragging you down.


The best way to be mentally strong is to be honest so all of the fuel in your body can be used efficiently at propelling your brain from strength to strength instead of fighting off the attacks on your weaknesses.


Mentally strong people read. We all have one life to live. But when you read, you get to absorb the curated life of another person in just a few days. So if you read a lot, your one brain can hold onto the critical points of potentially thousands of other incredible people. You can bathe in their lives and come out a stronger you.


It’s hard to be mentally strong, to be creative, to execute, to change the world, if you are sick in bed. This is not being judgmental towards those sick in bed. Sometimes we just get sick. We can’t help it. But almost everyone I’ve ever dealt with in business or in life who has gone on to greater and great successes all acknowledged the importance of constant healthy transformation of their bodies.


The only way to learn new things is to ask questions and be curious. Find the people who inspire your curiousity because those are the ones you will most learn from. Then ask them questions. Every mentally strong person has this one thing in common: the things they most remember that has changed their lives have been the answers to questions they asked. If they never asked those questions, their lives would not have changed.

The idea muscle

People say “ideas are a dime a dozen”. This is simply not true. Ideas are “a dime for three”. Go ahead and try. Come up with 10 ideas for surprises for your spouse’s next anniversary. The first three are easy. But, for me, then it gets harder and by #7 I’m counting the list over and over again to see if I reached 10. Ideas are a muscle that need to be exercised. Exercising the idea muscle will make you be the best in the world at whatever you aim.


Execution ideas are just a subset of regular ideas. If you have an idea you want to execute on, then your idea list the next day should be, “What are the ten next steps I need to take?”. Should you then take them? I don’t know. Mentally strong people probably make those lists 100 times a year and only need to execute on one of them to change the world.

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